Leadership Training

Designed for Veterinary Practices

The Lincoln Institute is a leadership development organisation providing Leadership training, education, bench-marking and business strategy to Veterinary businesses and allied health, internationally.

Vet Hub is our learning platform delivering world class training no matter where you are in the world.

The Lincoln Institute specialises in supporting business leaders and teams to gain a competitive edge. Our unique, cutting-edge programs will directly impact your veterinary business through higher levels of team accountability, staff engagement, productivity and reduced departure rates.

Veterinary business owners will enjoy improved financial returns, reduced management load and far less stress in leading their organisation the Lincoln way.

Veterinary Leadership Mastery

The latest training course offered by the Lincoln Institute - bringing together leadership training developed for the veterinary professional in an online format.

What do other vets have to say about our training experiences?

Dr Mike Woodham Sugarland Animal Hospital QLD, Australia

Seriously serious training for the Veterinary Business Owner.

Learning from the best in the industry has been a real privilege and blessing.

Obtaining clarity of direction and the fundamentals of Veterinary business has enhanced my focus and in return delivered serious results.

Dr Jeremy Goldin, Practice Owner, Bayside Animal Medical, Vic. Australia

“The Lincoln team succeed where other management gurus fail – it’s not about the ‘ra-ra’ and ‘walking over the coals’ motivational stuff that lasts 5 minutes.

Rather they help veterinary practice owners understand their team dynamic and help you recognise that nobody can be accountable for your practice success other than yourself.

Intimate, one-on-one coaching and twice-a-year mini conferences ensure that you, your staff and your practice will grow in all aspects – in a steady, solid and achievable way. We’re very much enjoying our Lincoln Journey.”